The Biggest Mistake People Make When Hiring A Home Inspector

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An increasing number of people are enlisting the services of home inspectors to ensure that the home they are purchasing is safe, functional, and a prudent financial investment. With everything from the basement to the roof, plumbing to heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems checked, home inspectors give you the confidence to go ahead with your purchase.

Unfortunately, with so many inspectors to choose from and the intention of getting a quick inspection fitted into their schedule, home buyers often ignore some of the crucial pointers about hiring a professional home inspector. They end up with a subpar evaluation and live to rue their decision in the weeks and months to come.

At Velocity Home Inspections LLC, we care about helping buyers not just fulfill the dream of homeownership but live it, too. To help you avoid turning the dream into a nightmare, we have listed one of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a home inspector and how to avoid it.

Relying only on reviews.

The most common mistake that customers make while hiring a home inspector is relying solely on the reviews they see online about an inspector. Unfortunately, some inspectors may have fabricated reviews posted about themselves which will prevent you from getting the best home inspection services.

While looking for a home inspector, don’t refer only to reviews. You must also speak to the inspector and ask about certifications, licenses, insurance and most importantly for references. You should also ask for a copy of a home inspection report so that you can gauge what kind of report you will receive. A professional home inspector will gladly share these details with you. 

If you’re looking for a certified home inspector in the Greater Atlanta Area, reach out to Velocity Home Inspections LLC. We understand the pressures associated with buying a house and want to help you make an informed and educated decision about the purchase. With our certified home inspection, you will significantly reduce your risk and make the entire home buying process much less stressful.

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